Lymphatic Healing Services

Manual Lymphatic Drainage: the Total Detox Treatment
The total detox treatment is tailored for non-lymphedema individuals seeking a body detox or immune system boost. Athletic injury, inflammation, bloating, stress, fatigue, digestion difficulties, gynecological symptoms, headaches, suppressed immune systems…all these maladies will benefit from this soothing and relaxing treatment. Total detox accesses the body’s innate healing process through lymphatic, cranial-sacral, thai, reflexology and visceral techniques.


Inflammation Protection
This therapy is tailored to reduce inflammation commonly resulting from surgery, such as plastic surgery,  lymph node removal, lumpectomies, chemotherapy, radiation, mastectomies, reconstruction or other cancer surgeries.  It is beneficial before surgery, and to decrease swelling post-op.  By re-routing overwhelmed lymph nodes, this treatment addresses achy, heavy limb sensation, neuropathy amd toxic congestion. Inflammation prevention minimizes the risks of Lymphedema, combats the side effects of surgery and enhances overall recovery (both lymphatic and otherwise). Therapy includes an initial consultation, medical history intake, lymphatic system education, and tips for preventing lymphedema.


Complete Decongestive Therapy
Complete decongestive therapy is recommended for current lymphedema patients. The primary goal of this therapy is to reduce limb size and specific approaches vary on a case-by-case basis. This therapy includes manual lymph drainage, skin & nail care education, compression bandaging, garment fitting, self-drainage instruction, and exercise consultation. This protocol is consistent with those taught at the Norton School of Lymphatic therapy and the Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS). A medical history and education of the lymphatic system is included.  There is an extra cost for bandages.


Ongoing Maintenance Program
Ongoing maintenance monitors goals and maintains the gains achieved in the initial treatments. While situations vary, monthly or semi-monthly sessions are recommended.